Do Women Enjoy Watching Lesbian Porn?

There is a statistic floating around that one in three adult watchers of porn is female.

Data from the famous porn site Pornhub in 2014 revealed that “lesbian” was without a doubt the most viewed category among its female audience.


It was also one of the most searched terms.

Further proof of this, is that women were 445% more likely than men to search for girl-on-girl.

These numbers and the exceeding popularity of these terms suggest that women are indeed watching same-sex porn. The adult industry is becoming more aware of this. Pornhub estimates that more than 5% of its videos are in the lesbian category. Thus, making it the site’s most popular category overall.

Lesbian porn provides an opportunity to fantasize what it might be like to be with another woman. This is true for women who consider themselves strictly heterosexual. This to them, this is solely a fantasy, not a desire they want to participate in. Heterosexual women prefer to lesbian sex because it’s easier to get lost with the fantasy of two women concentrating on each other’s bodies and the deed of giving and receiving pleasure.  This could be because the internet allows everyone to freely explore things they might not actually want to act upon.

However, for other females, the appeal of Lesbian sex is much more complicated. It allows them to express a part of their sexuality that would otherwise remain hidden. Women who identify as straight but are willing or want to experiment with other women can satisfy that urge, to virtually scratch that itch. Participating in forbidden lesbian escapades isn’t the motive behind why most heterosexual women choose to watch lesbian porn.

Still, it is possible that this appeal of lesbian porn doesn’t have a bearing on such complicated issues as sexual fantasy or the questioning of sexuality. It could simply be the fact that most of the same-sex porn focus on more foreplay. The setups are sexier, more intimate, and more engaging. They allow more airtime to the acts that actually make a woman cum. Whereas in straight porn, it primarily goes straight to the penetration or money shot. A man in the porn industry isn’t usually there to focus primarily on a woman’s pleasure. He is there for acrobatics and to show off his enormous, vein covered member. Lesbian porn also has more tender and intimate breast stimulation. When two women have sex, they tend to focus on a woman’s body, the sensual side of sex. Their attention is on the hot lingering and not the pumping in and out. It portrays women who appear to be having an actual orgasm rather than squealing theatrically. A lot of women enjoy fantasizing that they’re the person being pleasured.

It’s not a secret anymore. Nor, does it only happen when girls get drunk at parties. Statistics don’t lie. Yes, it is true, women watch porn.  Not only do they watch porn, but they also watch lesbian porn. It’s becoming more popular or becoming less hidden anyways. Ladies are content getting what they need from the woman on woman atmosphere. This will continue because it gives them what they crave in real life, a feeling of genuine pleasure with a skilled partner.

Simply put, women enjoy good sex not only in the bedroom but also in the virtual world. There can be too many cooks in the kitchen. However, it is not possible to have too many women in porn.  After all, the more boobies bouncing around the better, wouldn’t you agree?