At a time of repressive conservatism in the USA and many European countries, not to mention around the world on the other continents, LGBT figures are more needed in media than ever.

Anderson Cooper

Our list starts with Anderson Cooper of CNN, who became the first openly gay man to be the host of a presidential debate. He is always objective, known for his tough questions regardless of whom he’s talking to, a fun, trustable, all around great guy!

Janet Mock

The columnist for Allure Magazine, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Glamour and host of “Never Before With Janet Mock” Podcast is a transgender author and editor who’s just everywhere, and we are grateful for this. She’s a person who can withstand the errors of mainstream media and has become its go-to person for interviews and an international voice for transgender rights.

Rachel Maddow

The host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show saw her show top the list of most-watched cable news programs in July last year – and that with Donald Trump dominating TV! It appears there are many progressive people left, who rely on her for quality news and a solid perspective.

Charles Blow

The New York Times columnist has never been more ambitious to spread his word now that Donald Trump has been serving as President of the US for a while. Whether it’s because he’s so in sync with events in the US today, his great social media influence, or his regular CNN appearances, more people are listening to the “Voice of the Resistance” than ever.

Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is a renowned New York Times contributor, professor and commentator who has written a number of fiction and nonfiction works. Her latest book delves into the issues of trauma and is called Hunger.

Robin Roberts

ABC’s Good Morning America’s anchor was an ESPN sportscaster before her current gig, and she’s famous throughout the world. On a more personal note, she has beat cancer not once, but twice. On the podcast Everybody’s Got Something, which she also hosts, she interviews personalities and celebs in celebration of resilience.

Don Lemon

The anchor of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, widely considered to be the successor of Larry King, speaks his mind and expects everyone to follow his example.

Harvey Levin

No list of prominent LGBT figures in media would be complete without Levin, the founder and executive producer of gossip titan TMZ. He’s the titan of the titan, who broke the news of Prince’s passing and many other celebrity stories.