LGBT activists have achieved many great things recently. How can we further their community’s equality? Here are some ways.

Stop the Violence!

Anti-LGBT violence has been a major issue in recent years. People are protesting the murder of 26-year-old transwoman Jennifer Laude in the Philippines. According to activists, her death was a key incident in the conservative country’s history of LGBT activism. Far more than a mere incident, it exposed some uncomfortable truth about the country’s inherently violent culture.

To stop the violence there and everywhere else, LGBT activists need to cooperate with other social justice movements. Culture is what ultimately needs to be changed. That is by no means an easy feat, so anti-violence efforts must begin within the LGBT community itself.

More Action from the UN

The United Nation, the world’s biggest organization working to protect human rights, should be more active. CEDAW is a very powerful instrument protecting women’s rights, for example, but it’s not being enforced as often as it should be. One of the most beneficial things for LGBT rights can be strong UN mechanisms with great possibilities of enforcement.

Encourage LGBT Rights Movements

In Belize, there are now a total of five groups that are led by LGBT persons and one sex worker group. A few years ago, UniBAM (United Belizean Advocacy Movement) was all they had. We can follow Belize’s example by encouraging LGBT activism everywhere.

View LGBT Equality in Context

In East Africa, LGBT equality is implicated in the issue of public health, and in Singapore, it is implicated in the business sector. In Sri Lanka, it is implicated in the government’s efforts to uphold democratic values. When seen in context, it should be easier to attain.

The West Could Exert More Influence

Some people believe western countries’ should intervene or interfere in LGBT rights agendas elsewhere in the world, but others feel there are ways to do this that are more subtle. Statistics show that in the past few years, international pressure has proved pivotal in the decriminalization of LGBT relationships in certain countries.

Big Business Can Help

Vietnam is an unexpected case in point here. In the South Asian country, corporations like KPMG and PwC, Baker & McKenzie have taken measures to raise awareness of LGBT issues in their work environment and created a safe environment for all staff. They have addressed these issues publicly on multiple occasions and even encouraged other companies doing business in Vietnam to do the same.