Trans dating in the British capital is in full swing. For example, the site TS Dates caters to the trans community and cisgender people who want to meet trans people. It has almost 80 million members. This site is extremely popular in London and elsewhere. In terms of privacy settings, value, and prospects of meeting the right person, it is top-rated. It is also a winner where trans dating traffic is concerned.

It’s not the only platform of its kind, and dating a trans person in the British capital isn’t a problem. Yet, there are things you should know if you’re interested in meeting a TS woman in London and elsewhere. This is what our short guide is all about.

Don’t Ask if Things are “Real”

If you’ve never dated a trans person, you might be feeling nervous. Anxiety can cause us to blurt out things we later regret. One of these things is asking if your partner’s hair, nails, or something else is “real.” That’s a no-no. Your question could well ruin even the most promising of interactions. It pays off to learn about dating etiquette.

Know the Spots

In London’s LGBT-friendly nightlife spots, you will see older locals and young travelers sipping stiff drinks side by side. Popular places include Comptons and the G-A-Y Bar. Comptons of Soho is one of the oldest gay bars in London. You might head to Old Compton Street’s She Soho, an ambient lesbian bar with a rich blend of live music and comedy. Other good places to take a person on a date include Ku Bar, Village, Circa, GAY Late, and The Green Carnation.

There are trans-friendly hostels and hotels throughout the city for all budgets. If yours is generous, head to LaLiT London, a five-star hotel in the center. This is a customized LGBT venue with a special concierge to talk to guests about the most interesting events and activities during Pride month.


Few people have complained about discrimination when they go on dates in London. In other cities, especially some Asian ones, you need to exercise discretion when you’re dating a trans person. Being seen with them in public can be awkward and even dangerous in conservative countries. This isn’t the case in England, but issues can arise. If you’re in a bar or restaurant and people start mocking you or making trouble for you and your date, it’s best to complain to the staff and, if they fail to intervene, to leave the venue.

It might sound cowardly, but people’s petty prejudices really are no reason to ruin the mood. It’s best to go to a place that specifically describes itself as trans- or LGBT-friendly.